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How will you team up with others to make the most of your climate action?

Join a Climate Group

When we come together, we can accomplish extraordinary things. Join the growing number of people who, in their different ways, are taking action to find solutions to the climate crisis.

There are many ways you can get involved, depending on what you’re good at, and what you care about. There are also different types of groups to join, from global organizations to local community groups. Some focus on particular climate related issues, like nature, politics and justice. You may also choose to act through a group you are already a part of - a student group, faith group, or sports team - by encouraging them to participate in climate initiatives.

Find a group working on issues and solutions that matter most to you, and choose how you would like to get involved.


    • Climate expert Dr. Ayana Johnson suggests finding the overlap between “what are you good at?” , “what is the work that needs doing?” and “what brings you joy?”

      Dr. Ayana Johnson, What can I do to help address the climate crisis?

      Joining people who also care about making a difference “empowers the people themselves, and it greatly amplifies their individual power,” Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz

      Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, Fast Company

      “Mass movements have helped bring an end to legalized slavery, colonialism, child labor exploitation, sexist voting laws, and discrimination against people because of their gender, sexual orientation, class, and various other forms of tyranny. When people skillfully organize their communities into action, build economic and political pressure, and shift the political game, they can create truly transformative change."

      Erica Chenoweth, Civil Resistance: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford, 2021)