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Sometimes it’s OK to ground yourself.

Stay local, make a video call, or find a new way to explore the world. Take this step and decide how you might change your travel plans in a way that works for you. Try it for a month to see how you do.

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Fly Less

If you regularly find yourself stuck in airports, you should think twice about how important those flights actually are. There may be times when you feel you do need to fly - seeing relatives, exploring far away places, or attending a critical work event. That’s okay! But there are also times when you can choose not to fly, and feel good about it.

Talk with your co-workers and clients about why flying less is important to you, and find ways to change the travel policies. Choosing a video conference instead of a flight can save everyone time and money, and helps reduce stress. Cutting just one return economy class flight between New York and Los Angeles could save as much as 0.6 metric tonnes of CO2 – that’s the same amount of emissions that the average person in Bangladesh produces in an entire year! Not everyone has the privilege of flying, but if you fly frequently, taking a few less flights is one of the best ways to dramatically reduce carbon pollution.