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Eat More Veggies

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Reduce the amount of meat you eat in a week. Take this step and decide how to reduce the meat you eat in a way that works for you. Try it for a month to see how you do.

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Eat More Veggies

Right now, how many meals per week do you normally eat beef, lamb, pork, or chicken?

Eat More Veggies

In many parts of the world, the amount of meat and dairy we eat is often more than the recommended nutrition we need. Rebalancing our meals with more vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and beans and less meat is one of the most important ways we can reduce our combined impact on the environment.

Buying less meat means less land clearing, fertilizer use, burping cattle, and greenhouse gas emissions. It also sends a message to grocery stores and producers that we want change. It’s a simple choice you can make every day, with a big impact.

Be healthier, save money and cut carbon pollution simply by changing what you eat.